Monday, February 8, 2010

Under attack

Month eight.

It has occurred to me that my wife's body is now under attack.  She's been a trooper and has not complained at all throughout her entire pregnancy, but lately she's been feeling it.  The boy is just big enough that when he kicks, we can see limbs.  When he rolls around, he moves organs.  When he stretches, he pushes her diaphragm and compresses her lungs and she finds herself unable to catch her breath.

All of this is painful when he's riding high.

So we play him music, we do our BabyPlus, and he moves down a little.

Then when Angie gets dressed to go to work, she says, "Can I officially stay home when my shirts sit high?  He's so low, that my shirt looks like a belly shirt."

This is the first time she's complained.  I think she's ready for him to be out and in the world.

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