Saturday, May 22, 2010

This goes by far too fast.

My son is now going on nine weeks.  Nine weeks.  It's gone by so fast.  His tiny little fingers are now longer and thicker.  His toes that once looked like potato bugs are bigger.  His cries, once easy to interpret, are getting more complex and musical.

And I find myself not writing about it. 

There's so much to cover:

Can we give him formula to supplement without feeling guilty?  If so, is there a way to do it without the nasty poop? 

We're co-sleeping... we don't care what anyone says, it's easier on us and on him... but when is the best time to really start crib training him? 

Why does he always wake up three minutes after going into his crib? 

Yes, mobiles are a miracle.

A baby smiles around two months. 

And it's glorious.

Pee on the wall (and ceiling, and floor and strategically on our clothes) is preferable to poop blowouts.
Spit up and drool are easy to clean.  

Tracking feedings and diaper changes is a good thing.

Grandparents are too far away. 

A Mei Tai carrier is a godsend.

We have to take better care of ourselves.  And we have know what we are eating and where it comes from because it also goes into him and studies have shown an increase in autism, childhood obesity and diabetes that are linked to the food we find on the shelves of our grocery store.  Little things help, like eating locally and buying organic food... or what our parents and grandparents called "food."

Schedules are good.   And totally impossible to keep.

Restaurants are surprisingly kind and understanding with babies.  It is possible to go to all you can eat sushi with an infant.  Once he turns two or three... we'll see.

There's so much that one blog can't possibly hold it all. 

I always have said that my career is a marathon.  So is parenting.  We learn five new things about him every hour.  We have ten breakdowns a day.  And we're doing really well.  

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  1. I thought I would write a note to Meg every day after she was born. taking care of her and marveling in her changes blew that plan.