Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Boy's Club

Here's an update on life in the Boy's Club.

The cloth diapering situation is interesting.  The actual diapering is easy.  There is, however, a funky dead shrimp smell. 

Yes, a dead shrimp smell.

It's from the diaper bin. 

I know.  It's gross.  We are doing this exactly as we have been taught in our diapering class and also on the bummies website.  The steps outlined are to prevent this, but the reality is that there has been a stink.

I am searching for a solution.

I have the Turtle on a routine.  We're getting into rhythms.  We are attached at the waist (quite literally) and everyone we meet finds him adorable and irresistible.

I have done little work.

Seriously.  I have done little work.  I have pages written down longhand and notes I've been able to scribble, but I need to get down to brass tacks.

Again, we're figuring it out.

I am tired, occasionally cranky and my own personal schedule is a bit wonky but we're figuring it out.

The Boy's Club is truly a moment to moment exercise.

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