Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron James: The Teachable Moment

This whole circus around LeBron James has created a surprising teachable moment for my son. 

One one hand, James is right to take a pay cut and change teams to play with his best friends - two superstars in their own right - to try to win a championship.

On the other, he's a total ass for doing it the way he did it.

So, I will teach my son that it's worth taking less to follow your passion with people you love.  I make theatre and film with people I love.  It makes what you do easier and more enjoyable.

Also, there is no I in team.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice to succeed.  I don't think LeBron's pay cut is a huge pay cut... his paycheck could fund a small country.  However, taking less so you can put the best group together, taking less so you can put together the best product, is always worth it. 


There's also a way to do it.  There was a lack of humility in the narcissistic, selfish way he announced.  Michael Jordan announced he was returning to basketball with a fax to reporters that said, "I'm back."

That's the way you do it.

You make the decision and you inform the people involved and be done with it.  You handle your business with humility and professionalism.  The way LeBron handled this was a disgrace.  

And never refer to yourself in the third person.

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