Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Actor's Wife: black eyes and two dollar waffle irons

This is my wife's blog. I agree with her 1000%. I would write on the subject, but why? She's said it all perfectly.

Don't forget, today is Small Business Saturday. Please go out and support the small businesses who struggle to stay open as more and more gigantic box stores pull business from them.

The Actor's Wife: black eyes and two dollar waffle irons:

At the end of the day yesterday, Chris read snippets of news from around the country: riots, arrests and pepper spray. And, he wasn't reading about Occupy Wall Street. The headlines were coming straight from the local Target, WalMart and Best Buy.
It was Black Friday. People camped out for days, bypassing Thanksgiving altogether to buy a $200 television or even more ludicrous a $2.00 waffle iron. I mean our waffle iron is on the fritz but I'm not risking my personal safety (after all, the sale madness broke into a full scale riot) to save a few bucks.

I just find it interesting that the same country that bashed our president Thursday for not mentioning God in his Thanksgiving address, turned into a national mob that was rude, myopic, and in some cases violent. I'm sorry kids, but the hero of my Sunday School lessons was the one who turned over the merchants' tables in the temple not the one who pushed his way into the front of the line for a deal on goat meat and cornmeal.
Perfectly said.

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