Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Protesting Parent, the parents of OWS.

Just found this blog and blogger and wanted to pass her along.  She's done what some of us were too chickenshit to do...  take her child to OWS and say, "I'm a parent and I'm here for my kid."  Turtle is the same age as her little one and we stayed home... not because we weren't able to go down, not because the twenty minute train ride was too long for him, but because dad is kind of a pussy and was afraid.  I'll admit it.  So, I stayed home and posted updates like crazy from friends down there, like a damned carrier pigeon.  I was a simple carrier pigeon and this woman... She was an eagle, strapping on her baby and jumping headfirst into battle.

So, check her out.  I'll be reading her book (The Protesting Parent) and joining her...  Time to man up, I think.

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