Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Myth of the XBox Dad.

There is a grave misconception that a stay at home dad sits in front of the XBox all day playing video games and tossing the occasional scrap of meat to the child penned in the corner or climbing recklessly on the bookshelves.

This is wrong.

Just this morning we shopped for groceries, had breakfast out (Doughnuts... Don't judge...), dropped off the groceries, grabbed our laundry, did three loads, joined a rally for our local library, talked to our city councilman, got the kid a haircut, folded the laundry, and lugged it home like a Sherpa. All before 1.

This is my stroller, laden with bags, and sea bag full of laundry. It's the how of what we do. We don't have a car here in NYC, so these are our wheels.

So much for the XBox Dad...

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