Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Occupy fail.

We're supposed to be in General Strike today. However, we needed milk. And to quell the monster that lurks within my son, our trek to find the milk o' the cow led us to our local haunt, The Queens Kickshaw, for croissants - the magic pill to keep the toddler dragon away. (We are supporting our friends and a locally run small business... That's still in the spirit of Occupy, right?.)

As we sat at our usual spot near the front window and my son pointed out how the Cadillac Escalade looks exactly like a Triceratops (and is remarkably about the same size) I realized we had sort of already failed the OWS General Strike we'd pledged to support and participate.

What makes it worse is that I will go to work later...

I'm not only a stay at home dad, I'm an actor. Work is few and far between. Basically, I'm on strike every day. So the one day thousands go on strike is the one day I get offered a job.

And I'll take it.

It's difficult to be part of a movement when you are sort of out of the system already. We're not going to purchase anything today, at least anything other than milk and coffee. We're not going to get on the train and support the corrupt MTA. We're not going to do anything out of the ordinary... Our normal day is already pretty much off the grid.

This is not to say we're not consumers or that we don't participate in the whole corporate capitalist monstrosity run amok. We just live our lives quietly. Even in the most capital driven city in the world, it is possible to exist without a Fendi bag, or whatever accessory is in vogue this week.

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