Monday, October 12, 2009

The female perspective...

My wife is currently watching a video on YouTube of a woman in labor.  She's in an inflatable kiddie pool.

It's obviously a water birth, but a kiddie pool?

I was thoroughly freaked out by what at first sounded like porn and then suddenly turned into this scream fest.  It was like a movie written by horror writer extraordinaire Jeff Dixon.

(Shameless plug.  You're welcome, Jeff.)

As I sat terrified in the corner, my wife calmly said, "Seriously, a blow up pool?  C'mon."

She then turned to me and added, "You are not allowed, under any circumstances, to bring a video camera into the room."

I measured the appropriate comic beat before responding, "What about a kiddie pool?"

For more from her perspective, go to "The Actor's Wife" and read her posts.  It's a nice counter to mine.  You can also link there from here.  Up at the top is THE ACTOR'S WIFE; my favorite blog.  Click it.  It's her.

Do it right after you get out of your kiddie pool.

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