Thursday, October 8, 2009

This blog

Bear with me... I'm going to be changing templates, trying to get it right, get the style right...

We're also toying with the name.  The Artsy Father came to me because of the impression that I, as an actor and writer, am "artsy fartsy..."  I've always thought it was funny, that phrase.

But we started thinking of the word, "father" and Angie said, "It's the word.  It's kind of a mouthful...  I don't see our kids calling you father."

The word conjures images of Masterpiece Theater and little children with shirts buttoned up to their throats saying, "Father, please can I keep the pony, father?"

It's funny if done with an English accent...

No.  My kids won't be calling me father.

But I still like the name.

So, bear with us while we get this thing right.

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