Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Change your kid's diaper!

Lord knows I have been guilty of saying, "Let's wait until we get home" when Turtle and I are out and about and he has a wet diaper.  Poop is sort of another thing because, well, it stinks and causes embarrassment and turned heads and looks of scorn... But pee is just....

Wait... Hang on... we're having a turtle kissing battle...

Musical interlude...

And we're back.

So, I thought pee was just pee and it's just wet an inconvenient.  Now we cloth diaper at home, so we need to change him whenever he pees.  He feels it and lets us know he's wet.  But out and about in a disposable diaper, we kind of let it ride.

I mean, those things can hold 400-500 cc's of water, right?  That's like three average pee's per diaper.

And a recipe for an ammonia burn.  We've been dealing with them the last few days.  One drawback of the cloth diaper is that they hold ammonia even after you wash them.  Products like Funk Rock and Classic Rock detergent can eliminate that, but if you run out...?  Well.  Let's say his but has been very red and he's in a lot of pain.

"It's just a diaper rash," you say.   "Your child should tough it out and put on some butt creme."

Um... no.   Ammonia causes a chemical burn as it sits on your baby's very sensitive skin.  So, it's a BURN...  not just diaper rash.  You can see the blisters forming, it literally eats the skin.

So, we're doing all we can, trying to let him run around without a nappy to get air to it, using a little olive oil to sooth it.  But the new rule here, the lesson you should take away, is, change your kids diaper.   You wouldn't want to be sitting in your own pee, why would your kid?

For a wonderful little bit that goes into further detail, and something I stumbled on (yeah!) while looking up ammonia burns, go here. It's well written and extremely funny.

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