Thursday, October 6, 2011

We protest chickens being caged, why not kids?

I watched a parent at the park today take his child out of the stroller, a child probably 9 months in age, put said child into an infant swing, take out an infant helmet and put it on the child and then swing him.

A helmet.

Have you seen an infant swing? It's the safest place in the entire park. It's like putting your child into a tank.

I asked about the helmet, thinking maybe the child had an overly exposed soft spot before noticing the top was open. Dad said, "he could hit his head."

On what? He's in a full body swing.

I am a firm believer in free range kids.  Take off the helmet, let your kid scrape his knees and back away a few steps.  Not every corner in your house needs to be covered in foam.  Keep your outlets covered and your pot handles pointed where they can't get to them and I'm sure your child will be fine.

The swings are pretty sturdy, trust me.


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