Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cloth diapering and a quick little plug.

If you are a new parent looking at cloth diapering, here's a great resource for all your questions, and some very funny posts as well.
We're been cloth diapering and it's not as big a pain in the ass as you'd think.  In fact, I'd say it's just as easy as using disposables.  And despite the upfront cost, it ends up saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your child.  If you have two, double that savings.   Three, triple it.  Four, quadruple.  Five... well... you're a braver man than I.

A couple products I would recommend.  (I have not received anything from these folks - no samples, no freebies, no payment... just used and like the products because they work.  I don't know why I shouldn't get some free swag or product now... I am plugging them.  Send free stuff!  I'll gladly use it!)
The biggest issue with cloth diapering is stink.  Holy God can they stink.  But the best way to combat that is to learn how to clean them properly.

Rocking Green is a great product, the Funk Rock soak for diapers is a godsend for ammonia.  Grab a couple bags.
Issue number 2 in cloth diapering is... well, number 2.

What do you do with poop!?  As they get older it just gets bigger, wetter, firmer, more voluminous, and just plain old nasty.

Get the sprayer!   There are a lot of "reviews" on Amazon or places where you can buy the sprayer that were written by morons.  I'm not kidding.  These people are morons.  The #1 complaint by these people is "the sprayer sprays poo everywhere."

Yeah, dummy, if you stand holding the sprayer three feet from the diaper which you're dangling a foot above your toilet bowl. 

Get in there and get dirty!  You'll learn after one use how to do it.  You get your diaper down in the bowl, you hold the sprayer close and at an angle and you just spray off the poop.  Think spraying dishes in your sink, not spraying dog poop on your sidewalk and you get the idea.

We've used KUSHIES diapers, and BUMMIS.  (both are Canadian companies.)  Kushies are all in ones and bummis are inserts with covers.  Both are easy to use and work equally well.  It's all up to you.  (Oh, and the Kushies were hand me downs...  FREE!  You can pass them along, share the love.)

One bit of advice, get pants a size larger than your child would wear.  Cloth diapers give them a little bit of a g'donka donk.  Baby seriously has back in these things.  I have taken to putting Turtle in awesome baby gym shorts that are a size up and some baby legs.  (BABY LEGS ARE A MUST!  If you don't have some, get them, just because.  Turtle has taxi cab, firetruck, football, police car, pirate and of course his dress gray and black stripe baby legs.  We'd be lost without them.)  He's currently 18 months and we're in 3T shorts.  (Puma, Nike and Gap make awesome ones and we have a great little discount store that carries them for $5 each.  Win!)

If you are in the NYC area, you can take a cloth diapering class at Metro Minis where they'll teach you everything you need to know.

All you new parents should already be acquainted with them.  They are the store to hit if you are looking at being a fellow attachment parent.  They will also help you find a carrier that fits you.  (We are personally fond of the Mei Tai from BabyHawk over the Bjorn or the Ergo Baby becuase there is no adjustment that needs to be made, no clips, no clasps, no straps to adjust from mom to dad.  It's all done by knots and instantly snug when you put it on.  Big fan.  We also like the Dydimos wrap.)

Again... not getting any product endorsement stuff here, but I'd love some!

Just saying.

So, back to the cloth diapering.  If you're up for it, try it.  It's easier than you think and you don't have to do it 24 hours a day.  (Turtle sleeps in a disposable and wears them when he goes out.  Dad's pretty confident in his Stay At Home Dad-ness, but there's no way I'm carrying a poopy diaper in a ziploc bag around with me when we're out.  But at home.  You bet.)

Any thoughts or experiences or advice, please feel free to share here on on our facebook page, where you may like us, follow us and share in the conversation.

Or send me free swag.

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