Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Words, words, words

PhotobucketI am a man of words. 

I love words and have been known to use them often...

This is a polite way of saying I can talk your ear off.

But Turtle has been saying words.  Not just babbling, words.   I know by this point they should be able to say a certain number of words, but it's surprising nontheless.  He's done a variety of animal sounds for months, things that he and The Actor's Wife do during bath time.  Our favorite is the dinosaur and the dog.  We can't decide if the woof woof sound is the cute part, or how hard he works to get his face into the position to make the W sound. 

Turtle follows directions, he understands words:  he grabs his shoes when asked, he can understand what you ask of him and will have a response to it, he know all his body parts.

But today.



He pointed to my eye and said, "Eye."  Then to my nose, "Nose"  Which he's said for a while, and it really sounds like "No, no, no, no..."  He pointed to my ear and said, "Eah."  He stuck his hand into my mouth and said, "tfffftffttff" which I can only assume means "teeth."  Then a very short time later he made a chomping clearing of the throat noise accompanied by the sign for cookies with both hands.  It was the noise cookie monster makes when he eats cookies. 

Turtle was clearly communicating.  And it blew my mind. 

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