Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Sunday Project

On my way from the gym Saturday morning, I noticed a small white rocking chair in the window of our local Salvation Army.  I have been wanting to grab some kind of chair for our little man to sit in, but paying $75 bucks to Pottery Barn Kids for a tiny chair seemed a little much.

So I ran home, grabbed the wallet and made my way back to grab this ten dollar gem.

The name written on the back of the chair was a girl's... exactly the same as Turtle's sans one single letter.

It was a sign.

I brought it home with some books I grabbed for Turtle.  I put the chair on the floor and he immediately ran to it, grabbed it, moved it to a spot and climbed into it with a book.

Sunday morning, I grabbed sandpaper, a drill and new screws.  I sat on the curb, took the rocking legs off, sanded the chair, put some glue into the legs, reattached the rockers with brand new screws and wiped it down.  Tomorrow, I'll paint it while A.V. is putting him to sleep so it can dry all night, ready for him to sit in by Tuesday morning.

At the moment, it's in a corner with Elmo, Kermit, Roarie the Raptor and Jacques comfortably seated between it's now smooth and sanded arms.

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