Saturday, October 15, 2011

waking up with out Turtle.

Me, the Arch, the actual courthouse from the Scopes-Monkey trial AND the 99% Occupy St. Louis. 

I'm on a writing trip to St. Louis.  I know that may be one of the strangest sentences I've ever written.  I'm on a writing trip to St. Louis.  But, since that is where our little film,, takes place, it actually makes sense.

I'm staying with my friend and partner at his childhood home with the Dr.'s Manepalli, his aunt and his grandparents.  The first night here I was treated to a lovely home made Indian meal made by his grandmother.  As anyone knows, meals made by grandma are perhaps the best thing in the world.  I know if I could have either of my grandmothers living in their own apartment in my home and making the occasional meal, I would.

So, Indian cuisine and game 5 of the NLCS with the St. Louis Cardinals beating the Milwaukee Brewers.  (Another sentence I never thought I'd write.)

But this morning something was missing.  I was without my little man.  I didn't have a small creature screaming, "Da!" in my ear.  I didn't get a Sesame Street book shoved into my chest from this three foot creature standing next to me.

(yes, he's 19 months and three feet tall... half my size.)

And I missed it.  I have been away from him before, but this is the first time I've been away from him and not surrounded by actors and writers.  I'm with a family.  And it's made this a tougher trip.

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